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D2 is the market leader in software that powers IP communications for devices used in converged communications applications and markets. The company’s mCUE™, a converged multi-modal communications client solution and vPort™, an embedded VoIP software product, enable service providers, OEMs and ODMs to more quickly deliver to market today’s most in-demand communications services and applications for mobile phones, media players, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), netbooks, desktop IP phones, CPE equipment (gateways, routers, IADs) and more.

Today’s IP Communications Market
With the wealth of communication mediums available to users today, from text and cell to VoIP, video, IM, social networks and beyond, device manufacturers, service providers, software vendors and others are scrambling to add enhanced connectivity to previous stand-alone devices (consumer electronics, photo frames, PMPs, etc.) and multiplying the number of communication options on desktop, mobile and CPE devices. The next major trend is the unification of these communication mediums, eliminating the service-silo focus and replacing it with an integrated, user-centric solution that makes the underlying services transparent and the connection interface completely seamless.

Converged communication, with its advanced functionality such as Presence and IM, offers tremendous value to enterprises through unified communications (UC), and helps carriers boost revenues via provided or hosted services as well as residential broadband. In turn, the emergence of new converged communication devices and modes demand a completely new type of communications user interface for a seamless user experience.

D2’s Communications Solutions
As manufacturers rush new multi-modal devices to market, one thing is clear: a vendor neutral software solution is as critical as the development of new hardware in powering the communications revolution. D2’s software elegantly enables multi-modal converged communications on devices used in diverse market applications and addresses the needs of OEMs and service providers by delivering integrated FMC and UC functionality.

D2’s VoIP and IP communications software are the products of choice for top-tier communication OEMs and service providers because they drive revenue and differentiate their solutions in key segments of the communications market. Current customers include Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, 3Com, Sonus Networks, Ericsson, Siemens, Zhone, Polycom, Neuf/SFR, Clearwire, LG, Sumitomo and others.

Hardware and software design are related, but distinctly separate, engineering disciplines. By abstracting the software layer so it is independent of the underlying hardware, D2 enables manufacturers to concentrate on product platform design and branding while leveraging the best available software, OS and IC components. D2’s user experience solution abstracts specific communications services (e.g. PBX based enterprise VoIP, cellular voice or third party VoIM like Google Talk) making the solution highly flexible, configurable and portable to a variety of mobile device development platforms such as Android, Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux.

Regardless of an OEM’s design needs, D2’s highly modular architecture ensures portability to any processor, hardware or OS and delivers industry-leading features and call quality. In fact, D2 has developed long-standing relationships and a solid ecosystem with the industry’s leading SoC/IC companies including Cavium, LSI, Freescale, Marvell, Applied Micro, Texas Instruments, NXP, and Infineon.

In short, D2 Technologies’ software engines ensure that a broad range of manufacturers are able to quickly and affordably deliver on the promise of converged communications.

Products and Solutions
D2 offers off-the-shelf software components, integrated solutions, diagnostic tools, and turnkey engineering services to help customers achieve maximum performance and quality in the shortest possible time.

mCUE™ Mobile Convergence Software Solution [+]
mCUE is a client software solution for converged mobile unified communications. mCUE’s revolutionary user interface, built on top of a multi-identity, multi-session, multi-protocol engine, enables users to simultaneously use multiple different communications services and modes. It is specifically designed for mobile and portable devices, making it an ideal, communications platform for smartphones, MIDs, netbooks, and mid-range “feature phone” class connected devices such as digital photo frames, media phones, personal navigation devices and eBook readers. Some of mCUE’s key features are:

  • Interop with services and communities such as GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and more (native login or federation server)

  • Mobile access to SIP/IPPBX VoIP, directory services, single number reach, IM, voice/text conferencing

  • Deployable in enterprise or service provider networks in on-site/hosted FMC/UC or carrier based FMC topologies.

  • Configurable to interoperate with major enterprise IP-PBX, FMC and UC systems as well as IMS/pre-IMS network infrastructure

  • Portability and customization per OEM or service provider platform, service and user experience requirements

vPort [+]
vPort is a complete embedded IP communications middleware solution that includes Voice over IP software as its key component, enabling OEMs and ODMs to quickly and cost-effectively develop robust VoIP and general IP communications devices for consumer, enterprise and service provider networks. It is a flexible platform that supports multiple services, such as SIP-based VoIP and VoIM (VoIP over IM and Social Network communications services). Thanks to its soft-DSP technology, it offers substantial advantages to manufacturers in lower bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, ease of scalability and lower power requirements. It is the industry’s richest multi-media engine over IP with the broadest support and penetration, and integrates the most in demand, leading-edge technologies. Some of the highlights are:

  • Shipping to major carriers in United States, Europe and Japan

  • Largest number of SoC/ODM/OEM projects successfully commercialized

  • Dual-mode Cellular/WiFi handset shipping in EU and Asia SPs

  • Support for ARM, MIPS, Power PC and SH cores

  • Broad support for top-tier SoC vendors including Cavium, TI, Freescale, AMCC, Infineon, Ikanos,
    LSI, PMC-Sierra, MediaTek, and others

  • Independent third party testing in addition to significant internal and customer quality and interop test

vOpen [+]
A comprehensive library of field-proven voice algorithms and protocols.

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