D2 Technologies

D2 is the recognized leader in VoIP and converged IP IMS communications software for devices used in 4G and next-generation networks that deliver advanced communication services, such as VoIP, VoWiFi and video over LTE (VoLTE) and IMS-based Rich Communications Suite (RCS). Manufacturers and service providers rely on D2 software to deliver carrier-grade IP communications across any network (LTE, WiMAX, cellular, WiFi, broadband, PSTN), service (voice, video, IM chat, SMS, presence/status, etc.) and system (carrier, IPPBX, UC, OTT, social network, etc.) for a broad range of fixed and mobile devices.

IMS VoLTE,WiFi Calling, and RCS IP Communications Software Solution

mCUE is the most advanced IMS IP communications software solution for the Android OS platform, supporting the VoLTE (IR.92), Video Call (IR.94) and RCS GSMA standards to deliver IP communications features like HD voice, real time video call, instant message, presence, SMS and VCC on 4G mobile networks. As the first 100% all-IP communications client deployed by a 4G mobile operator, it is field proven and delivers carrier-grade voice and video quality and demonstrated interoperability. mCUE 4G is a complete communications client, providing all key layers from the UI and protocol stacks, a fully embedded media engine that includes a complete VoIP DSP module with wideband CODECs, and optimized video framework integration that supports native hardware video acceleration. mCUE is available as an embedded client to support native integration in the Android OS or as a downloadable client for both Android and iOS. [+]

VoIP, VoWiFi, VoLTE Gateway Solution

vPort is a complete embedded Voice over IP software solution enabling OEM/ODMs and IC vendors to quickly and cost-effectively develop robust VoIP devices for consumer, enterprise and service provider networks. It is a flexible platform that supports multiple services, such as IETF SIP-based VoIP,WiFi Calling, IMS-SIP, IR.92 VoLTE, IR.94 video calling and RCS. vPort leads the market in performance and efficiency, enabling networking, signaling and voice processing functions to execute as an integrated solution on a single processor. This in turn offers substantial advantages to manufacturers in bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, power and related characteristics over traditional multi-core or multi-chip VoIP designs. The software is highly optimized not just for quality, but for a small memory footprint, low MHz impact and low latency, and it adds real-time performance to non-real-time operating systems. [+]

DSP Algorithms

The vOpen library consists of a comprehensive set of field-proven voice algorithms and industry-standard voice protocols. The data input and output, memory allocation and module-to-module communication interfaces of the voice algorithms conform to the vOpen Interface Specification. This ensures that each algorithm will easily integrate and run concurrently with other vOpen algorithms, and handle multiple voice channels simultaneously. The vOpen voice algorithms are C-callable and can be used within D2's vOpen Framework or a customer-provided application framework. The vOpen algorithms are available for x86, PowerPC, MIPS and ARM cores and the Texas Instruments family of DSP processors. [+]