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mCUE® on iOS is a downloadable client software solution for converged mobile unified communications. mCUE’s revolutionary user interface, built on top of a multi-identity, multi-session, multi-protocol engine, enables users to simultaneously use multiple different communications services and modes.

It is specifically designed for mobile and portable devices, making it an ideal, communications platform for smartphones, Tablets, MIDs, netbooks, and other connected consumer devices such as digital photo frames, media phones, personal navigation devices and eBook readers

mCUE downloadable on iOS supports Video calling over 3G and WiFi, VoIP to a number of different services in addition to IM, SMS, etc.

Key Features

Designed for 4G

  • VoIP and Video over 4G (LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+), 3G, or WiFi
  • Support for IMS SIP
  • Designed for VoLTE
  • IR.92 support includes: MSRP, XCAP

Carrier Grade Voice Engine

  • Voice Compression and Wideband CODECs
  • Adaptive Jitter Buffer
  • Packet Loss Compensation
  • Echo Cancellation
  • VAD/Silence Camp
  • DTMF Generation/Relay
  • Low CPU usage

Complete and Customizable Solution

  • Complete integration with the iOS framework
  • Background capable allowing push notification any time
  • Customizable and skinable for OEM/SP requirements


  • Complete integration with vPort MP VoIP engine
  • Ease of deployment into existing mobile phones or new designs
  • Minimal integration effort while maintaining flexibility
  • SIP, XMPP, MSN, Yahoo!, others

iOS Integration

  • Works in iOS 4.x and up
  • Supports background push notification
  • Tabbed easy access follows familiar iPhone design
  • Icon and tabs display missed calls or IM/SMS


mCUE Communications User Interface