D2 Technologies
Fixed Access

D2 Technologies’ mCUE and vPort products are available for use by manufacturers in a wide variety of product segments covering consumer, enterprise and carrier devices. At the heart of each solution is a proven core technology that has been successfully deployed for applications such as wired/wireless voice-enabled terminal adapters, routers and gateways as well as VoIP, VoWiFi, VoLTE phones and multi-mode mobile handsets. D2’s products can be integrated into an existing product or a new device and can be optimized to specific end-user device requirements.

mCUE Converged Communications Client
D2’s mCUE universal IP communications client software provides a turnkey solution including a graphical user interface (GUI) combined with proven IP communications middleware  to service providers and handset OEMs seeking quick time to market, volume, scalability and portability.  Examples of products where mCUE can be used include the following. [+]

  • Smart TV including Skype TV, Connected TV, …
  • 4G smartphones including LTE and WiMAX
  • Media Phones, IP Phones, …
  • Tablets and MIDS

vPort Embedded VoIP Software Solution
vPort middleware solutions offer unique voice engine, protocol processing and system implementation optimizations that are critical in embedded devices such as the following.  [+]

  • Analog Telephone Adaptor
  • Broadband VoIP Gateway
  • Broadband Wireless VoIP Gateway
  • Fiber VoIP Gateway
  • xDSL + WiFi + VoIP Triple Play IAD
  • External DSP Software Module
  • IPTV Set-Top Box
  • VoWiFi TA/Gateway