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Fixed Access Solutions
Fixed Access Solutions

D2 Technologies is the market leader in embedded IP communications software platforms with its mCUE® converged communications client for Android smartphones, digital TV, IP-STB and tablets.

In addition to its application for Android™ mobile handsets, mCUE reference designs fully support 4G IMS, SIP and popular social networks for a wide range of Android devices beyond smartphones, including tablets, IP media phones and connected TVs/STBs. mCUE enables service providers, OEMs and ODMs to quickly and economically meet the demand of today’s converged communications through its platform-optimized embedded media engine for VoIP and IP video calling, multi-IM chat support, wideband CODECs for high definition voice and native support for RCS, voice and video calls. All delivered via the broadest range of 4G wireless (WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, etc.) and high-speed wired broadband (xDSL, Cable, xPON, etc.) networks.

Key mCUE product features now available for new Android devices such as tablets, HD media players, IP media phones, connected TV and STBs include the following:

  • customizable converged communications user interface (UI)
  • embedded, hardware-platform optimized voice/video media engine
    • optimized support for industry standard voice and video CODECs
    • HD voice support via wideband CODECs
    • industry leading Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)
  • carrier grade quality and interoperability (IOT)
    • multi-protocol support including IMS (SIP, VCC, RCS, etc), IETF-SIP, XMPP, others
    • remote management integration


  • 4G (WiMAX & LTE)
  • Multi-mode phones
    • 3G/WiFi
    • 4G/3G/WiFi
  • IMS, RCS, VoLTE, VoWiFi Handsets

Connected Home

  • Digital TV
  • Skype enabled TVs
  • Set-Top Box
  • Media Players
  • Photoframes

Tablets and MIDs

  • Video call/chat, VoIP, IM/Presence
  • Unified Communications

Media Phones

  • IP phone
  • Video phone
  • Communications hub
  • Large display, multi-mode communications