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The mCUE client software is ideal for mobile and personal communications devices ranging from smartphones to Smart TVs and Skype video devices. It is designed to be a robust solution for today’s full IP communications  providing the device manufacturers and service providers alike a turn-key solution covering IP communications services such as Skype, Yahoo!, and Googletalk to new and emerging 4G technologies such as IMS, RCS, and VoLTE.

D2’s mCUE product benefits from a solid voice and video engine that has been ported on a number of different platforms and is available on a number of platforms as shown below.



D2’s mCUE has been ported on a number of smartphones running Android and Apple iPhone. mCUE provides IP communications capability integrated with the traditional cell based communications such as SMS, and circuit switched calling.

This solution is the foundation for addressing the next generation 4G (LTE or WiMAX) smartphones allowing a comprehensive range of IP communication as well as Call handover technology such as Voice Call Continuity (VCC) or IP2IP Handover.

  • 3G/4G smartphone
  • Voice and Video* calling over IP

D2’s Solution:

  • On Android o/s AND Apple iOS
  • Userspace  VoIP
  • WiFi calling
  • Unified UI for all modes of communications
  • Googletalk, Yahoo!, XMPP, RCS, …

* When HW Video engine is available

Android smartphones with mCUE