Company Overview

D2 is the market leader in software that powers IP communications for devices used in converged communications applications and markets. mCUE™ is a converged service communications client solution for media devices, such as mobile phones, media players, tablets, and desktop smart phones.  vPort™ is an embedded VoIP software product which enables service providers, OEMs and ODMs to quickly develop and deploy CPE equipment such as gateways, routers, IADs, and IP phones.

D2’s Communications Solutions

As manufacturers rush new multi-modal devices to market, one thing is clear: a vendor neutral software solution is as critical as the development of new hardware in powering the communications revolution. D2’s software elegantly enables multi-modal converged communications on devices used in diverse market applications and addresses the needs of OEMs and service providers by delivering integrated FMC and UC functionality.

D2’s VoIP and IP communications software are the products of choice for top-tier communication OEMs and service providers because they drive revenue and differentiate their solutions in key segments of the communications market. Current customers include Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, 3Com, Sonus Networks, Ericsson, Siemens, Zhone, Polycom, Neuf/SFR, Clearwire, LG, Sumitomo and others.

Hardware and software design are related, but distinctly separate, engineering disciplines. By abstracting the software layer so it is independent of the underlying hardware, D2 enables manufacturers to concentrate on product platform design and branding while leveraging the best available software, OS and IC components. D2’s user experience solution abstracts specific communications services (e.g. PBX based enterprise VoIP, cellular voice or third party VoIM like Google Talk) making the solution highly flexible, configurable and portable to a variety of mobile device development platforms such as Android, Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux.

Regardless of an OEM’s design needs, D2’s highly modular architecture ensures portability to any processor, hardware or OS and delivers industry-leading features and call quality. In fact, D2 has developed long-standing relationships and a solid ecosystem with the industry’s leading SoC/IC companies including Cavium, LSI, Freescale, Marvell, Applied Micro, Texas Instruments, NXP, and Infineon.

In short, D2 Technologies’ software engines ensure that a broad range of manufacturers are able to quickly and affordably deliver on the promise of converged communications.