vOpen Library

The vOpen library consists of a comprehensive set of field-proven voice algorithms and industry-standard voice protocols. The data input and output, memory allocation and module-to-module communication interfaces of the voice algorithms conform to the vOpen Interface Specification. This ensures that each algorithm will easily integrate and run concurrently with other vOpen algorithms, and handle multiple voice channels, from two to 1000s, simultaneously. The vOpen voice algorithms are C-callable and can be used within D2's vOpen Framework or a customer-provided application framework. The vOpen algorithms are available for MIPS, ARM, x86 and PowerPC cores and the Texas Instruments family of DSP processors such as C54x, C55x, and C60x.

DSP Reference Platforms

  • Texas Instruments C54x/C55x/C64x , Texas Instruments C55-NEXT

DSP Algorithms

Telephony Algorithms

Continuity Check Tone Detection
DTMF Detection/Removal
FAX and Modem Tone Detection
Long DTMF Tone Detection
Low Complexity DTMF Detection
Multifrequency (MF) Tone Detection
Tone Generation
Universal Call Progress Tone Detection
Voice Activity Detection and AGC

Echo Cancellers

G.168 Single Reflector Network Echo Canceller
G.168 Network Echo Canceller

Standard Voice Coders

G.722.1 Voice Coder
G.723.1 Voice Coder
G.723.1 + Annex A Voice Coder
G.726 Voice Coder
G.728 Voice Coder
G.729 Voice Coder
G.729A Voice Coder
G.729 + Annex B Voice Coder
G.729A + Annex B Voice Coder
G.729E Voice Coder
GSM/6.10 Voice Coder (ETSI)
GSM/6.10 Voice Coder (Microsoft)
GSM/AMR Voice Coder (ETSI)
GSM/EFR Voice Coder (ETSI)

Data Modems and Fax

Caller Identification Send/Receive
International Caller Identification
Caller Identification with Call Waiting
FAX Modem Data Pumps
Fax Relay (I.366.2/T.30) + Group 3 Modems
Fax Relay (T.38/T.30) + Group 3 Modems
HDLC Transmit/Receive

Telephone Set Solutions

Full Duplex Speaker Phone