D2 Technologies Joins eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance to Drive IP Communications Software Leadership for Multi-Core Processors

Santa Barbara, CA – April 28, 2010 —D2 Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of embedded IP communications software platforms, today announced that it has become a member of the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance, a premier industry organization founded to drive best-in-class innovations in multi-core parallel processing platforms and software development.  Supported by a broad base of world-class hardware and software providers, the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance serves as the foundation upon which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can more effectively and more efficiently develop high-performance networking equipment using industry-leading multi-core processors.  

“We congratulate the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance for setting out to bring together all the pieces that are needed for OEMs to develop and ship high-performance systems that take advantage of multi-core processors,” said Doug Makishima, chief operating officer of D2 Technologies. 

D2’s innovative IP communications solutions are used by manufacturers in a variety of consumer, enterprise and carrier products, delivering features such as advanced presence-based and push-to-x control of circuit switched PSTN/cellular and VoIP calls, video chat/call, IM, presence, email, SMS, PBX, and more. Its revolutionary presence-based user interface, mCUE, is built on top of a multi-identity, multi-session, multi-protocol engine, enabling flexible interoperability with multiple communications services such as enterprise IP PBXs and UC systems, and commercial IM and social networking services like GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM and Skype.

“D2 is a leading provider of converged IP communications solutions, and we welcome D2 as a valuable member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance,” said Behrooz Abdi, executive vice president and general manager at NetLogic Microsystems, a founding member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance.  “By having a community of technology innovators who are respective leaders in their areas of expertise, the Alliance creates a platform on which these developers can innovate to create new, breakthrough applications and solutions that can take full advantage of the superior performance and functionality of multi-core processors.”

As a founding member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance, NetLogic Microsystems (NASDAQ: NETL) is committed to an open programming model for its family of market-leading multi-core, multi-threaded processors to allow greater access and tighter coupling between networking software and the XLR®, XLS® and XLP™ multi-core processors.  This enables significant improvements in the application development efficiency of software code and overall system performance.  In addition, this enables the development of new enhanced services and applications for next-generation Internet networks that are highly optimized for multi-core, multi-threaded processors.

For more information about the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance, please visit www.eNsembleAlliance.org

About D2 Technologies 
D2 is the recognized leader in converged IP communications for next generation devices.  Manufacturers and service providers rely on D2 software to deliver carrier-grade IP connections across any network (WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, cellular, broadband, PSTN), service (voice, video, IM chat, SMS, presence/status, etc.) and system (IP PBX, UC, carrier, social network, etc.) for a broad range of fixed and mobile devices.  From processing billions of VoIP minutes each month to adding enhanced IP communications for Android™, learn how D2 software is converging communications at www.D2Tech.com.


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