D2 Re-Emerges with Voice System Solutions and More

Santa Barbara, Calif, April 11, 2003 – D2 Technologies (D2) announced it has officially re-started as a new California corporation that is staffed and fully operational, with voice/telecom software products and service offerings.

D2 has gone full-circle, through the cycle of merger and acquisition, and back. The original D2 Technologies started in Santa Barbara, California in 1993, and grew to become a world-renown DSP software vendor. During the rise of the internet bubble, D2 was acquired by Virata, a broadband communications chip and software company, looking to add voice functionality. In 2001, Virata merged with Globespan (a DSL modem chip company) to form GlobespanVirata. Subsequently, a site reduction plan led to the closure of the Santa Barbara office in November 2002.

Key members of the Santa Barbara site re-grouped and formed the new D2, which is fully funded by private local investment. D2 has a head start over typical startups because there are dozens of companies already using D2's software technology; the engineering and management team have worked together for almost ten years; and its technology is based on the same high-quality DSP software technology.

According to David Wong, D2's president, "The new D2 is different from other DSP software companies because we have field-proven software, and now, extensive system expertise. Over the last 3 years, as part of Virata and GlobespanVirata, we expanded our DSP-side software and expertise into system and networking software and integration. We have delivered fully integrated and tested Voice over Packet reference designs, which garnered a large number of design wins. Plus, we have acquired experience with a broad range of DSP chips and DSP IP cores."

D2's offerings and capabilities include:

  • A comprehensive suite of field-proven high-quality DSP software algorithms for telecom and voice
  • DSP application (control/main program) software for Voice over Packet
  • Host-side software for Voice over Packet applications
  • DSP and host drivers for DSP/host communications and telephone/TDM interfaces
  • Integrated host/DSP Voice over Packet software solutions
  • Engineering services for new DSP platforms and custom applications


Telecom/Voice DSP Software algorithms available from D2 Technologies

** DTMF Detect and Remove
** Long DTMF Tone Detection
** Continuity Check Tone (CCT) Detection
** MF Tone Detection
** Universal Call Progress (CP) Tone Detection
** Tone Generation (DTMF, MF, CP, & others) ** VAD/AGC
** Comfort Noise Generation
** International Caller ID (Transmit and Receive)
** Caller ID with Call Waiting
** G.168-2000 Echo Canceller (single and multiple reflector)
** Fax Modem Tone Detection
** NLP - Non-Linear Processing
** NFE - Noise Floor Estimation
** Voice Coders - G.711, G.722.1, G.723.1, G.723.1A, G.726, G.728, G.729, G.729A, G.729AB, G.729B, G.729E, GSM/EFR, GSM/AMR, HQVQ (proprietary)
** Advanced Answer Detection
** G.168 High Density Echo Canceller (48 channels per DSP chip)
** Fax Modems/Relay
- Group 3 FAX modems (v.21, v.27ter, v.29, v.17)
- Fax Relay protocol, I366.2 (for AAL-2)
- Fax Relay protocol, T.38 (for IP)

DSP-side application software for VoIP
VoIP DSP Framework (source code) Main Program, which performs tone generation and detection, Echo cancellation, Caller ID generation, SID, DTMF relay, 3-way conferencing and voice compression/decompression and Packet Loss Compensation. Includes FXS telephone interface drivers and Host Port Interface drivers to a host communications processor. FXO drivers available.

Host-side software for VoIP applications
** Host-side DSP driver to allow the host processor to communicate with a DSP processor
** POTS - A state-based telephony control layer to manage the telephony subsystem
** JBUF - Jitter Buffer module for processing downstream packets from the network
** RTP/RTCP - IETF RFC1890-based inter-working layer
** MGCP - signaling layer
** H.248/MEGACO signaling layer
** SIP - signaling layer

D2 also has similar DSP application and Host processor software for a VoDSL application.