D2 Opens Taiwan Sales and Support Office

Santa Barbara, Calif, September 1, 2004 – D2 Technologies (D2) announced it has opened an office in Hsinchu, Taiwan to provide front line sales and support for its customers in Asia.

D2 is a software company providing voice and telecom software solutions to semiconductor and system/OEM companies worldwide. According to David Wong, D2's president, "D2 has over ten years of experience in delivering high quality software and services, and this step will allow us to better serve our customers and partners in the fast-paced Asian marketplace. There has been an explosive increase in demand for Voice over IP (VoIP) technology in consumer and enterprise products this year, and we have responded to that with turnkey software solutions that enable SOCs, with-or-without DSP processors, to very quickly enter this new and dynamic market."

D2's VoIP software solutions are fully integrated, starting from the application layer down to voice signaling protocols, voice packetization, voice signal processing and telephone/audio interface drivers. D2 is currently demonstrating VoIP applications on RISC-based SOCs, which do not use separate DSP cores or DSP chips. This DSP-less solution is ideal for low-cost IP/WiFi phones or residential VoIP products, such as terminal adaptors, that support one or two telephones, or FAX.

For VoIP products that require one-or-more DSP chips, D2 has a comprehensive library of DSP software which is integrated with its signaling protocols and application layer software. D2's DSP voice software technology is embedded into many major OEM products that have been deployed worldwide, processing billions of calls per month.

Mr. Paul Wu, D2's Asia Sales Manager, states that, "Most of our customers and partners want complete solutions, not just pieces. As we get more involved with complete solutions, especially on SOCs, closer customer and partner contact is beneficial to helping them get to market faster. D2's Taiwan office has experienced sales and technical support staff, so we are able to provide quick response and turnaround, in the same time zone for the Asia region."