D2's Voice DSP Software Moves to Texas Instruments c55xx Platform

Santa Barbara, Calif, September 1, 2004 -- D2 Technologies (D2) announced it has ported its field-proven voice/telecom DSP software to the Texas Instruments C55xx family of DSP processors.

D2 is a software company providing voice and telecom DSP software on Texas Instruments DSP processors. According to David Wong, D2's president, "D2 has been a Texas Instruments 3rd party partner for many years, and D2 is well known for delivering high quality, high performance DSP software for TI's C54xx processors. Several of our customers are doing next-gen product designs around the TI C55xx DSP processor family and they depend on D2 to provide the same reliable software on their new systems."

D2 offers a comprehensive set of voice and telecom modules that is used in low-end residential products, enterprise products and high-density carrier-class equipment requiring a five-9s level of reliability. D2 has a large base of established companies using its voice software technology in fielded products, worldwide, processing billions of calls per month.

DSP modules being ported to the C55xx DSP processor include:

  • VOICE COMPRESSION: G.711, G.722.1, G.723.1/A, G.726, G.728, G.729/A/B/E, GSM/EFR/AMR
  • TELEPHONY SIGNALING: DTMF, Call Progress, MF, FAX/Modem Detect, VAD/AGC, CNG
  • ECHO CANCELLATION: G.165, G.168 up to 128 msec tails
  • TELEPHONE SET: Caller ID (type 1 & 2), Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • FAX OVER IP: T.38 FAX relay, Group 3 FAX modems

D2's DSP modules are implemented in hand-coded optimized assembler. All modules adhere to D2's vOpen interface standards, which means they all follow consistent rules regarding the the use of memory, registers, stack, interrupts and calling interface. All modules are C-callable and re-entrant, for simultaneous operation on multiple channels.

D2's VoIP software solutions are fully integrated, starting from the application layer down to voice signaling protocols, voice packetization, voice signal processing and telephone/audio interface drivers.