D2 Demonstrates First VoIP Solution on Cavium Networks’ OCTEON Processor Family at Fall VON 2006

Single chip solution for SOHO/SME network OEMs adding VoIP port to Secure Routers and Gateways

Santa Barbara, California, September 6, 2006 – D2 Technologies, the leader in softDSP-based system solutions for the rapidly growing VoIP market, announced today the successful demonstration of the first VoIP solution on Cavium Networks single and dual-core OCTEON processor family.  A demo of the joint solution is available for viewing at Fall VON 2006 in D2’s hospitality suite 202, September 11-14 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

“D2 Technologies and Cavium Networks have worked together to combine our widely-used vPort ‘softDSP’ VoIP CPE software with the OCTEON line of processors. It is the ideal solution to enable ODMs to add VoIP functionality to devices based on the OCTEON product line without requiring the addition of a DSP chip,” says Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing at D2 Technologies. “Together, we provide a solution for next generation gateways with integrated data and voice functionality along with critical network security.”

D2 Tech’s vPort VoIP software system is designed to provide world-class VoIP sound quality on a single chip without the need for an external DSP. vPort software has been deployed in multiple service provider networks across multiple countries in consumer and small business products, such as wired/wireless Voice-enabled Terminal Adapters, routers and gateways, as well as VoIP phones and handsets.

“The CN31XX and CN30XX OCTEON processors enable highly integrated, cost effective SME, SOHO and CPE networking equipment that can process voice, video and data traffic with unprecedented levels of data and security services,” notes Rajiv Khemani, vice president of marketing at Cavium Networks. “We are pleased to be working with D2 Technologies to deliver a complete and optimized VoIP solution for OCTEON processors, which will reduce time to market and fuel increased VoIP deployment in next generation OEM networking systems.”

The single and dual-core OCTEON CN30XX and CN31XX processors are being used in several applications that require voice as an important feature, including next generation 802.11n WLAN secure access points, SME/SOHO Routers, Broadband Gateways/Routers, Gigabit CPE routers and Triple Play Gateways. OCTEON is available with standard operating system support such as GNU/Linux along with a suite of software applications to process multiple channels of VoIP calls, router, gateway, NAS, firewall, Anti-Virus, IPsec and SSL VPN functionality. For quick time to market, drivers for peripherals including 802.11 a/b/g/n, wireline connectivity, MoCA (Media-over-Coax), MPEG playback and streaming and disk storage are available today.

vPort on OCTEON Solution Demo Details
The solution includes D2’s vPort VoIP system with GNU/Linux running on the Cavium’s OCTEON CN31XX with CN30XX software compatibility.  System highlights include: 

  • Fully integrated VoIP ATA solution with application layer, IETF SIP signaling, voice processing, jitter buffer, RTP packetization and FXS real time telephony driver
  • 2 FXS Voice Interfaces

  • softDSP CODECs: G.711, G.726 and G.729AB

  • Optimized processor consumption of under 40 MHz for a 2-way call

  • 3-way calling

  • Caller ID Onhook and Caller ID/Call Waiting

  • Simultaneous 3-way calls on all voice interfaces

  • Packet Loss Compensation

  • Silence Compression and Comfort Noise Generatio n

  • DTMF Relay with In-band DTMF Removal

  • FAX/Modem Tone Detection with Switch to G.711 for FAX Pass through

  • Interoperability with other CPE VoIP devices