D2 Technologies vPort powers the new Accton wireless personal gateway

vPort™ software technology adds VoIP support to the MIPS4Kc- based WiFi router SoC, which is the heart of Accton’s VG2211i secure portable wireless VoIP gateway.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 7, 2006-   D2 Technologies, Inc. announces that its vPort VoIP software powers the new Accton Technology VG2211i Wireless Personal Gateway, the first truly portable WiFi router, with an integrated VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). Accton’s gateway is the first of its kind to be based on softDSP VoIP technology. The vPort software runs on a MIPS4Kc-based WiFi router SoC (System on a Chip), which is the functional heart of the Accton gateway. This new gateway is also the first to let you travel and take your VoIP phone number with you.

Traditional VoIP gateways incorporate a DSP chip or core for voice processing functions, however, D2’s vPort softDSP implementations enable the voice functions to run on a MIPS or ARM RISC processor, removing the need to add a DSP chip or core when VoIP functionality must be added to a device. vPort is a complete VoIP software solution, which integrates voice processing (G.168 echo cancellation, G.729AB voice compression, T.38 fax relay and tone detection/generation, etc.) with voice signaling (e.g. SIP), packetizing, jitter smoothing, networking and telephony drivers.

Use it at home, or take it on the road
“The Accton Portable Gateway is an ideal device for VoIP service providers to offer to their customers, with the added benefit of allowing the consumer to either set up a home wireless network, or use the device as a client in an existing WiFi network,” says David Wong, president of D2. “Furthermore, you can take this gateway to a hotel room, plug it into the broadband internet connection to set up a WiFi network and make or receive VoIP calls in your room, bringing a new meaning to phone number portability.”

“D2’s vPort software was the best way for us to include VoIP capability in our Wireless Personal Gateway,” notes Ken Lu, senior vice president and co-founder of Accton. “D2’s software allowed us to include VoIP functionality without the need to add a DSP chip to the design, enabling us to deliver a highly portable gateway in a 24.7 mm x 107.5 mm x 78.7 mm package.”About D2 Technologies

D2 Technologies, Inc. is the world's leader in softDSP-based software solutions for the rapidly growing VoIP market. Its software spans both enterprise and consumer devices, such as gateways and WiFi handsets. Since the company's original founding in 1993, D2’s VoIP solutions have been widely deployed in thousands of systems that process billions of minutes of phone calls every month. D2 licenses its software to systems manufacturers worldwide who developing a wide variety of consumer products. The company’s software runs on the platforms of several major semiconductor vendors.

The company’s headquarters is located at 104 W. Anapamu St., Suite J, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Additional information about D2 is available at www.d2tech.com

D2’s Asia sales/support office is located at Room 2, 7F, No. 120, Section 2, Gongdaowu Road, Hsinchu City, TaiwanTel: +886-3-5715339.