D2's vPort VoIP Software and MIPS32 34KC Processor Core Double VoIP Performance

Multi-threading capability, DSP extensions allow G. 729AB encoder performance that is 2 times faster

SPRING VON 2006, SAN JOSE, CA , March 14, 2006 — D2 Technologies announced today that its vPort™ VoIP software has been enhanced with multi-threading features. Used in conjunction with MIPS Technologies’ new multi-threaded MIPS32® 34Kc™ processor core with DSP extensions, this solution increases VoIP channel density by 2x, compared to processors without multi-threading and DSP capabilities.

This combination of software and hardware allows more efficient implementation of VoIP in residential gateways and other multi-channel applications, without the need forseparate DSP cores or chips. For example, the SoC for a two voice-channel WiFi gateway router might have four threads – WiFi, routing, VoIP1 and VoIP2 – all on a single 34Kc core.

"D2's vPort multi-threading softDSP solution running on the 34Kc core allows up to eight separate channels to be implemented on virtually the same amount of silicon that could previously support four," says Michael Uhler, chief technology officer of MIPS Technologies. We’re excited to provide our customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution for implementing VoIP in applications."

“For many years we’ve worked with MIPS Technologies and its customers in the development of wired and wireless applications such as ATAs, gateways/routers and phones” notes Dr. David Wong, D2’s president. “D2 is continually pushing the technology envelope, working with our partners to get better and better performance with our softDSP-based VoIP solutions.”

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