D2 Technologies Launches Latest Software Solution to Improve OEM Time-to-Market for VoIP-enabled Devices

New vPort Product Line Helps OEMs Meet Increased Customer Demand for Advanced VoIP CPE Devices, IP Phones and Mobile VoIP Products

SANTA BARBARA, CA, March 19, 2007 — D2 Technologies, the market leader in embedded software platforms that power IP communications, today announced availability of the next generation of its comprehensive vPort embedded VoIP product line.  vPort enables manufacturers to quickly and affordably develop and deliver a broad range of VoIP-enabled communications devices to meet increased market demand, including the latest in WiFi/VoIP dual mode phones, triple play devices, advanced VoIP adapters/gateways, IP phones and other mobile devices.  The new product line has been highly optimized for specific design applications, and adds enhanced multi-service/multi-protocol support, improved Linux processing performance and continues to offer the industry’s broadest support for leading IC/SOC and OS/RTOS designs.

The company will showcase vPort at the 2007 Spring VON Conference March 19-22 in San Jose, CA at D2’s hospitality suite. 

“Device manufacturers are becoming reliant on software to deliver exceptional VoIP performance and advanced functionality at a low price point,” noted Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing at D2 Technologies.  “We intend to continue leading this embedded VoIP software market, delivering products that not only manage the signaling protocols and media processing functions, but eventually create a seamless overall IP communications experience.  The next generation of vPort is an important step in that direction.”

D2’s VoIP software solutions are used by a variety of top-tier communications OEMs to drive revenue and product differentiation in key market segments.  The new vPort product family has been highly optimized to further support these specific design applications, and is now available in four versions:

  • vPort MP – WiFi (VoWLAN) and dual-mode mobile phones
  • vPort GW – CPE gateways, ATA/router/IAD and triple-play devices
  • vPort IPP – IP desktop phones and speakerphones
  • vPort CP – cordless VoIP/VoIM phones

vPort already leads the market in embedded VoIP performance, efficiency and platform support, enabling networking, signaling and voice processing functions to execute as an integrated solution on a single processor, thereby driving down costs.  The new version of vPort now offers enhanced multi-service/multi-session protocol support, allowing it to handle both traditional SIP-based VoIP and the latest VoIM protocols such as XMPP and other signaling protocols for messaging services such as GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and Gizmo.  vPort has also seen its industry-leading Linux performance further optimized through additional real-time enhancements and kernel-level packet processing for improved CPU efficiency. 

Designed for portability, vPort can execute on both RISC and CISC platforms, and supports the industry’s broadest range of IC/SOCs, including ARM and MIPS-based architectures and solutions from Infineon, Texas Instruments and Cavium Networks.  vPort’s “virtual DSP” design not only offers a small memory footprint and low MHz impact on these platforms, it even improves design performance by eliminating latency from traditional RISC+DSP solutions and adding real-time performance to non-real-time OSs.  vPort ultimately simplifies device development, support and maintenance for manufacturers, since all of the software operates under a single environment using one set of tools.

Pricing and Availability
The new version of vPort is available immediately.  Contact D2 sales for pricing information. 

About D2
D2 is the market leader in software platforms that power IP communications equipment.  The company’s embedded VoIP software enables manufacturers to use leading communications hardware platforms and ICs to quickly and affordably deliver a broad range of communications devices, from terminals and network equipment to wireless IP phones.  D2’s software, which processes billions of minutes per month across a wide variety of different types of devices, is setting the stage for the next generation of converged multimode IP handsets and terminal equipment.  To learn more about how D2 is transforming the world of IP communications go to www.D2tech.com.