D2 Technologies Integrates With ELAN SoC Microprocessors to Offer OEMs VoIP IP Phone Solutions

D2 vPort MP VoIP software and ELAN’s EM7A8620 VoIP Processor to demo at Spring VON

SANTA BARBARA, CA, March 19, 2007 — D2 Technologies, the market leader in embedded software platforms that power IP communications, today announced the availability of its vPort IPP embedded VoIP software for ELAN’s EM7A8620 VoIP processor (integrated System-on-a-Chip microprocessor), allowing OEMs to rapidly deploy new VoIP IP phone handsets.  D2, which offers the broadest ecosystem of VoIP software/SoC integrations, will be demonstrating this latest addition in the company's suite at Spring VON (March 19 – 21).

“Combining D2’s vPort IPP and ELAN’s ARM920-based processors gives our joint customers a seamless solution for delivering the latest VoIP-enabled IP devices,” said Carl Sung, vice president of R&D and marketing, at ELAN Microelectronics Corp.  “The IP phone market is growing rapidly, and the availability of a strong platform combining embedded VoIP software and a powerful ELAN SoC means that manufacturers can tap into this market more quickly and with a more cost-effective and feature-rich device.”

D2's vPort embedded VoIP software enables manufacturers to rapidly deliver the latest IP communications devices by ensuring networking, signaling and voice processing functions execute as an integrated solution on a single processor.  This not only speeds time to market by simplifying the design, it also improves performance and drives down costs for the latest devices, including VoWLAN and dual-mode (VoIP and cellular) phone handsets.

According to In-stat’s “In-Depth Analysis: IP Phones Invade the Home and Office,” over the next five years, the business IP phone market will grow at a 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), from $2.7 billion to $6.5 billion annually. Furthermore, by 2010, business IP phone shipments will total 124% of IP seat shipments.

“Research shows that dramatic growth will continue around the adoption of IP phones as businesses continue to update systems,” noted Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing at D2 Technologies.  “With that growth, OEMs and ODMs are looking to easily deliver the latest VoIP capabilities without dedicating the time consuming resources needed to develop those applications in-house. This integration with ELAN offers them a simple platform for rolling out new VoIP-enabled IP devices to support those evolving voice networks.”

D2’s vPort IPP software platform provides advanced VoIP telephony capabilities such as protocol signaling and soft DSP voice algorithm processing.  vPort IPP also provides advanced telephony applications such as caller ID, call forwarding, fully distributed Unicast conferencing, call waiting, speed dial, multiple line appearances and much more.  Furthermore, it is a flexible platform that supports multiple services, such as SIP-based VoIP and VoIM (PC-based IM/P2P voice such as Skype, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! and MSN). For additional product information visit www.D2tech.com.

About ELAN Microelectronics Corp.
ELAN, a fabless IC design company, is a mixed-signal system-on-a-chip solution provider and the market leader in telephone SoC IC. ELAN’s technology excels in the design of IC and in the development of software for embedded memory, analog IP, and wireless communication. Available products include telephone IC’s, consumer IC's, microcontrollers, PC peripherals, and much more. Besides, ELAN is now able to introduce the Touch Pad IC’s into the international market. ELAN’s Capacitive Touch Pad IC’s, with multi-finger-detection and Anti-miskeying technologies, have been widely used for notebook PC, mobile phone, PDA, MP3, PMP, home appliance, GPS and a variety of consumer products. To learn more about ELAN and her state of the art technologies, please access www.emc.com.tw.

About D2
D2 is the market leader in software platforms that power IP communications equipment.  The company’s embedded VoIP software enables manufacturers to use leading communications hardware platforms and ICs to quickly and affordably deliver a broad range of communications devices, from terminals and network equipment to wireless IP phones.  D2’s software, which processes billions of minutes per month across a wide variety of different types of devices, is setting the stage for the next generation of converged multimode IP handsets and terminal equipment.  To learn more about how D2 is transforming the world of IP communications go to www.D2tech.com.