D2 Technologies to Participate in MultiService Forum's (MSF) VoLTE Interoperability Testing Event

Santa Barbara, CA – September 15, 2011 — D2 Technologies, the market leader in embedded IP communications software platforms, today announced that it is a participant in the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Interoperability Testing Event, organized by the MultiService Forum and now underway in Beijing, China and Dusseldorf, Germany. D2’s mCUE®, a converged 4G mobile communications client for VoLTE and RCS video calling applications, is part of the interoperability event hosted at the China Mobile Research Institute Laboratory in Beijing; its underlying vPort embedded IMS VoIP software platform is participating in the test at the Vodafone Test and Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf. The event is scheduled to run through September 30, 2011.

The VoLTE Interoperability Testing Event is backed by the GSMA, an organization representing the interests of mobile operators and more than 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem worldwide. The goal is to validate the GSMA’s technical recommendations for IMS-based VoLTE and to establish best practices for LTE deployment strategies. Test scenarios include VoLTE basic interoperability, roaming and interconnection.

“With D2 joining more than 25 companies participating in the interoperability event, we are confident the testing scenarios will show that VoLTE is ready for deployment in 4G mobile networks, realizing the vision of IMS rich communication services,” said Doug Makishima, chief operating officer for D2 Technologies.

About the MSF
The MultiService Forum (www.msforum.org) is a global association of service providers, system suppliers and test equipment vendors committed to developing and promoting open-architecture, multiservice Next Generation Networks. Founded in 1998, the MSF is an open-membership organization comprised of the world's leading telecommunications companies. The MSF’s activities include developing Implementation Agreements, promoting worldwide compatibility and interoperability of network elements, and encouraging input to appropriate national and international standards bodies.

About VoLTE IOT Event 2011
The MSF will host the VoLTE IOT 2011 Event in the Vodafone Centre for Test and Innovation in Dusseldorf and the China Mobile Research Institute Lab in Beijing in September 2011. The event is backed by the GSMA following the launch of its global VoLTE initiative in 2010, which is supported by more than 40 leading organizations in the mobile space. The event builds on the major success of the previous Global MSF LTE Interoperability Event that took place during March 2010 and reflects the industry’s drive to continue to deliver major carrier driven events that benefit all its members in their quest to keep pace with an ever faster moving industry. The MSF VoLTE Interoperability test event will focus on validating core network interfaces to ensure multi-vendor deployment strategies for LTE technology and will validate the MSF physical scenarios developed to incorporate 3GPP LTE/EPC technology and the GSMA’s technical recommendations, focusing on Voice over LTE, with the support of China Mobile and Vodafone. http://www.msforum.org/interoperability/VoLTE.shtml

About D2 Technologies 
D2 is the recognized leader in converged IP communications for next generation devices.  Manufacturers and service providers rely on D2 software to deliver carrier-grade IP connections across any network (WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, cellular, broadband, PSTN), service (voice, video, IM chat, SMS, presence/status, etc.) and system (IP PBX, UC, carrier, social network, etc.) for a broad range of fixed and mobile devices.  From processing billions of VoIP minutes each month to adding enhanced IP communications for Android™, learn how D2 software is converging communications at www.D2Tech.com.